Archival stands for Multimodal machine comprehension of language for new intelligent interfaces of scientific and cultural mediation.

The multidisciplinary and multi-actor ANR ARCHIVAL project aims at yielding collaborations between researchers from the fields of Information and Communication Sciences as well as Computer Sciences around archive value enhancing and knowledge sharing for arts, culture and heritage. The project is structured around the following questionings: What part can machine comprehension methods play towards the reinterpretation of thematic archive collections? How can content mediation interfaces exploit results generated by current AI approaches?

ARCHIVAL teams will explore heterogeneous document collection structuration in order to explicitly reveal implicit links, to explain the nature of these links and to promote them in an intelligible way towards ergonomic mediation interfaces that will guarantee a successful appropriation of contents. A corpus has been delimited from the FMSH “self-management” collection, recently awarded as Collex, which will be completed from the large Canal-U academic audiovisual portal. The analysis and enhancement of this collection is of particular interest for Humanities and Social Sciences in a context where it becomes a necessity to structurally reconsider new models of socioeconomic development (democratic autonomy, social and solidarity-based economy, alternative development,…).

Le fonds Autogestion de la Bibliothèque de la FMSH (Photo Elodie Arroyo)


Dates: 2019 – 2022
Partners: Orange Labs Lannion, Aix-Marseille Université, FMSH
Funding: ANR
Contact: Guillaume Gravier, Pascale Sébillot


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