MEERQAT: Multimedia Question Answering

The overall goal of the project is to tackle the problem of ambiguities of visual and textual content by learning then combining their representations. As a final use case, we propose to solve aMultimedia Question Answering task, that requires to rely on three different sources of information to answer a (textual) question with regard to visual data as well as an external knowledge base containing millions of unique entities, each being represented by textual and visual content as well as some links to other entities. An important work will deal with the representation of entities into a common tri-modal space, in which one should determine the content to associate to an entity to adequately represent it. The challenge consists in defining a representation that is compact (for performance) while still expressive enough to reflect the potential links between the entity and a variety of others.

Dates: 2020-2024
Funding: ANR
Contact: Laurent Amsaleg


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