Classification of Heritage Images (CIF)

This project aims at facilitating the automatic classification of heritage images through the use of recent deep-learning techniques.

It is within the context of the collaborations between INRIA and the French Ministry of Culture. In that context, we have started a collaboration with the French National Library (BNF) which collects, preserves and makes known the national documentary heritage. Heritage images are quite specific: they are not at all similar with what deep-learning techniques are used to work with, that is, the classification of heritage images does not target modern categories such as planes, cars, cats and dogs because this is irrelevant and because heritage collections do not include images of contemporary objects. Furthermore, heritage images come in vast quantities, but they are little annotated and deep-learning techniques can hardly rely on massive annotations to easily learn. Last, the learning has to be continuous as curators may need to add or modify existing classes, without re-learning everything from scratch.

The techniques of choice to reach that goal include the semi-supervised learning, low-shot learning techniques, knowledge transfer, fine tuning existing models, etc.

Quelques pages parmi celles considérées. Les documents appartiennent à la BNF.


Dates: 2018 – 2020
Contact: Laurent Amsaleg


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